Backslide of Democracy in the Western Balkans to be tackled by the EU

It has been now a quarter of a century that the Western Balkan countries have wiped out the iron curtain and started their democratizing process. Each one of them has managed to embrace a democratic political system, but based on their very particular democratic background. Progress sustained by the EU since a decade in the region seems now to face a worrying “fatigue”. Missing the 2000s fast train to Brussels New countries of the former Yugoslavia have had a traumatic beginning as a result of the breakup through bloody wars. Albania, not having long democratic traditions, has moved two steps forward and one backward. When the unstable times in the Balkans ended, there was a unanimous accordance as regarding the way these countries should follow to build their own democracy: joining the EU was thought to be the right direction. This target has been the main impetus for important advancements towards the democracy consolidation, rule of law and free market. In this c
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